When I was visiting Seattle recently, we stopped at Pike Place Market for a touristy shopping and sightseeing adventure.

Among the vast array of kiosks selling food, gifts and everything else you can think of was this display of flattened glass bottles that were obviously once real bottles, made to look decorative with labels, ribbon and embellishments.


Besides the fact that they look really cool and artsy, I thought it’s great to see another way to reuse bottles and I was intrigued about the process for making them look that way, kind of melted together but still holding the general bottle shape.

20150823_160550-compressedI did a little investigating and found out that these flattened bottles and are called slumped glass and made by placing bottles in a kiln for a certain amount of time.


Now I don’t own a kiln at the moment so I can’t go out and try this project right away, but if I ever do get a kiln, I would definitely make these! Isn’t this a great idea?

In case you do have a kiln and would like to try this project, this video shows you step by step how to do it. It looks like they are creating a slight variation by placing the bottles to melt in curved molds, so that it takes on a bowl shape when finished. But these completely flattened bottles look great too.

Watch and see how it’s done.


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