Recycle Unwanted Mail, Paper, and Yard Waste.

Unless you have found a way around it, virtually anyone who has mail delivery gets “junk mail”. Much of our food comes packaged in cardboard as well that usually gets thrown out in the trash.

Most neighborhoods offer waste recycling pickup and hopefully much of the paper waste from the household is recycled in that way.

But wouldn’t it be great if there would be a way to recycle those paper products in a way that could be useful and save money as well?

There is an easy way to turn paper and even yard waste into a free and virtually unlimited fuel for fire resource by making your own paper logs.

This technique involves soaking a bucket full of paper trash in water overnight and then “blending it” into a paper mush, letting the water drain away and finally drying the round block of paper.

The result is a paper log that will burn for hours. You can make as many of these as you have paper to reuse.

You’ll want to get started on this project while it’s still warm enough to give the paper logs time to dry, and so you’ll have plenty of free fuel stocked for this winter.

Watch how easy it is !

via Tiny House Listings


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