Don’t Throw Away Your Cereal Boxes – 5 Ways to Reuse Them

5 Ways to Reuse Cereal Boxes

We have all done it. You empty the last bit of cereal into your bowl and are left with this big cardboard box. A fleeting thought runs through your head like “Can I use this for anything before I throw it out? Nah, I don’t think so.” And you end up tossing it in the trash, hopefully at least in the recycling bin.

There actually are some ways you CAN reuse cereal boxes and you might be surprised they are quite useful as well. You’ll feel good about being able to reuse something you would have thrown out and your kids, friends and family will be inspired by seeing your creativity. Here are some great ideas to get started.

1. Storage/Sorting Containers

cereal box 1-compressed

Photo via Rachel at cookscleansplayswithpaper

Seriously, cereal boxes are perfect little free storage containers. You will wonder how you ever thought it was okay to throw them away in the first place!

Here is a great tutorial on how to cover the boxes with paper and then you can customize or decorate however you like.

Need ideas on what to use them for?

  • Instead of tossing your mail on the table and looking unsightly, use these boxes to capture the contents of your mail box. You can go through it when you have time and at least it won’t be strewn about in a pile.
  • Organizing homework, make a box for each subject. Then it’s easy to see what needs to be done.
  • Organizing craft items such as colored paper (as in the photo above), photos or other decorative items.
  • Store a full year or more of magazines. They are readily available, easy to find and kept in good shape for when you like to reference them later on.

2. Mini Pocket Notebook Pads

cereal box 2-compressed

Photo and full tutorial at

These cute little notebook pads will come in handy when you are in need of something to write notes on, draw sketches, or give as gifts. One of the things you will love is how they fit inside your purse or backpack easily and don’t take much room, unlike traditional notebooks.


They are surprisingly very simple to make and you will only need a few additional items such as a button, paper for the inside, decorative paper for the spine, embroidery floss and needle, scissors, glue, pen and a ruler.

3. A Gift or Storage Box

Yes you can actually make quite a nice gift box from a cereal box.  Imagine how useful this will be those times you need a box but don’t have one, and you don’t need to run out and buy one.

cereal 4

To make this gift box you will need very few additional items, just a hot glue gun and scissors.

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