DIY Pallet Swimming Pool

How to Make Your Own Swimming Pool with 9 Pallets

There are many things that can be made with the versatile pallet but I bet you weren’t thinking of building a pool with them. Now you can have your very own pallet pool using a few simple items.

For this project you’ll need:
9 pallets
a few sheets of tarpaulin
a plastic sheet/and optional pool liner
some towels
ratchet straps


pool 1-compressed

First begin by laying out the tarp on flat ground that has been cleared of rocks or sharp objects. Then start placing the pallets side by side with the flat side on the inside wall and form into a circle shape. If you want a bigger pool just add a few more pallets.


pool 2-compressed

Next it’s important to fasten them all together using the ratchet straps.


pool 3-compressed

Line the walls with the plastic sheet and cushion the joints and the top and bottom edge with towels or blankets.


pool 4-compressed

Add in the pool liner at this step if you have one, or another plastic sheet. Fasten with tape.


pool 5-compressed

If you would like a finished look to the pool, cover the outside edge and trim.


pool 6-compressed

The last step is to add water and enjoy.

pool 7-compressed

Time to relax now and have some cool fun in your pool!

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