Computer Bugs from Recycled Parts

Computer Bugs You Will Love.

I’m sure you probably have had an old computer that you replaced and didn’t know what do to with it. Well this smart lady came up with a creative idea to turn those old computer components into art.

Julie Chappell says:

My art practice involves breaking down the pre-existing materials, reinterpreting them and offering them a new form with new purpose, creating something beautiful, whimsical and precious.

With all their tiny components, complex circuitry and bright metallic colours I cannot help but compare them to the detailed patterns we see when we look at nature up close. The network of veins and patterns on leaves, petals, insect wings; the stripes and spots on beetles and spiders and the fragile intricacy of spider webs. I view the miniature circuit boards with the same curiosity and amazement as I view the natural world.

As a result of a school project, she started making these computer component bugs that has now grown into a collection and been in exhibits. She receives various computer parts donations from friends, organizations, and even finds them on the street. Julie hopes that her bugs will help raise awareness about waste in the environment.

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