99% Of Sweden’s Garbage Is Being Recycled (VIDEO)

Importing garbage is good business for Sweden.

It’s hard to believe but Sweden is recycling nearly all of its waste. In reality, less than one percent of garbage from a Swedish household ends up in a landfill today.

Sweden has 32 waste-to energy (WTE) plants and they have resorted to importing garbage from Ireland, Norway, Italy and the UK to feed those plants.

Sweden uses a somewhat controversial program to incinerate over two million tons of trash per year. On average, every year each Swede produces 461 kilograms of waste, and that is slightly below the half-ton European average. But this process is responsible for converting half of that garbage into energy.

Traditional landfills leak methane gas and other gasses that are not good for the environment. Reducing the amount of toxins seeping into the ground was a reason to develop this type of alternative system to handle waste.

The system has worked so well that a new industry was born to manage waste from other countries. Hopefully one day more countries will do the same.

Watch how Sweden does it!

Importing garbage for energy is good business for Sweden from Sweden on Vimeo.


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