5 Ways To Upcyle Your T-Shirts

5 Ideas to Transform T-Shirts.

There are so many things you can do with an old t-shirt. Here are some ideas.

Jenn at endlesslyinspired.com first shows us how to make your own t-shirt yarn. It’s not hard at all and involves cutting the t-shirt in a particular way and then rolling up the strips. The pillow shown here by ekstrax is made with a simple knitting technique.


This rug is also made from t-shirt yarn, seen here at 1dogwoof.com.


How about  some t-shirt shoes? These look really comfortable! Kathrin shows how to make them here.


Here’s a cute no-sew beach tote you can easily make, seen here.


Perfect for summer, turn that t-shirt into a tank top, seen here.

These are just some ideas to remind you there are many ways to turn old or used things into something new and fresh. Enjoy!


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