28 Creative Ways to Use Pallets


It seems there are unlimited ways to reuse the ever versatile pallet. When you combine the affordability and availability factor with the sheer creative ingenuity that is born out of need and limited funds, there are some truly astounding pieces of furniture and various household items crafted every single day.

As much as we love pallets, there are some things to watch out for when seeking them out for your yard and home projects. Some have been treated with chemicals so you want to be sure the pallets you choose are safe to use around you and your family. Check out this post before starting on your next pallet project.

Take a look at these great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Off Grid Cabin

pallet projects 1-compressed

You can clearly see how this cabin was actually made from pallets. In fact the flooring looks like complete pallets pushed together. It appears to be a perfect functional space that could be used for many things. The original design was for a refugee camp made completely from pallets. But this would work well in any backyard. Image source i-beamdesign.com

…3. Wall Shelves

pallet 3-compressed

The simple and rustic design of these wall shelves would work well in almost any home. A great alternative way to display your pictures as well as books. Image source myluckylemon.com

4. Garden Work Bench

pallet 4-compressed

This workbench is perfect for many outdoor uses whether it’s for gardening or other household projects. Ease of use and functionality at its best. Image source and full tutorial at bhg.com

5. Variety of Chairs

pallet 5-compressed

Sit down for a few minutes and rest on these pallet chairs. Some look more sturdy than others but would be perfect for kids. Image source slownoodle.com

6. Retro Coffee Table

pallet 6-compressed

Even though this coffee table has very simplistic pallet design, it would fit right into most modern spaces with the bright and shiny finish and extra touch of functionality because it’s on wheels. Image source designfinch.com

…11. Awesome Flooring Design

pallets 11-compressed

Can I say enough about this cool wood floor design? And even better, it’s made from pallets. Just another unique example of pallet possibilities!  The inspiration for this flooring design comes from the fact that with pallets you have short pieces of wood. This is a herringbone pattern which works well with the variations you get with pallets. Image source jetsongreen.com

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