12 Design Ideas to Recycle Leather Belts

12 Ways to Upcycle Old Leather Belts.

When you have outgrown your favorite leather belts, you don’t need to give them away. You can transform them into other useful one of a kind items and feel good about being able to repurpose it. You can also find inexpensive belts at thrift stores or donations from friends and family.

The floor mat is made with a leather hole puncher to punch holes along the edges of the belt and then connecting them with hemp string. The result is a beautiful and durable floor mat.


belt chair

Look at this beautiful weaved design where different colored belts are used as a seat bottom.


belt bookcase-compressed (1)

Here’s a simple and beautiful way to create a wall shelf. Notice that there are two belts buckled together on each side to give ample room for two shelves with plenty of space.


belt curtain tie-compressed

Here is a clever design element where a belt is used as a curtain tie-back.

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